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Introducing a formidable new capability in Ground Support Equipement

First electric and remote-controlled weapon loader

SEFIAM 1602 can load various stores (munitions, pods, tanks…) in a faster and safer way

SEFIAM 1602 is a new generation aircraft weapons lift truck:

  • It is electric and remotely-controlled, clean and silent.
  • It efficiently supports the most capable aircraft, for the most committed air forces, in the most demanding fields of operation.


Characteristics of the SEFIAM 1602 electric weapon loader

Maximum Lift Capacity: 1500 daN
One week autonomy
Interchangeable battery in less than five minutes
Controlled by radio remote control
Hydraulic adjustment of the loading tray on all axes
Capable of towing armament trailers


Benefits of the SEFIAM 1602 electric weapon loader

Compatible with all types of aircraft including those with their stores in internal bays or drones
Can be used in confined areas as the technical hangar of an aircraft carrier
Silent and non-polluting
Light and compact

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