Technical specifications and capabilities

Technical specifications and capabilities

Rear frame• battery (1 + 1 optional)
• hydraulic pump
• electric propulsion
• hydraulic rear wheel steering
Front frame • Lifting arm lifts the load vertically
• Hydraulic parallelograms.
Two articulated frames to adapt to uneven ground
Lifting head• Hydraulic movements
• NATO mounting plate
• 360º rotation
• Compact design
CE compliant machine

Maximum lift capacity for center loads• On platform: 1500daN
• On fixed fork : 1200daN
Elevation speedfrom 0 to 6 m/mn
Lifting height on platform0,185 to 1,90m
Maximum speed10km/h
Overall turning radius4,30m
Ground clearance0,14 m

Hydraulically operated pitching motion±7°
Hydraulic roll movement±7°
Hydraulic longitudinal and lateral movement±50mm
Free yaw movement360°

Pulling force (slope of 2% @ 10km/h)10 000 daN
Pulling force (slope of 5% @ 10km/h)5 000 daN
Towing hook force• Instantaneous: 500 daN
• Continuous: 300 daN

Length3m70 (head removed) to 4m20 (with head)

Operating condition-30°C to +55°C
Storage-30°C to +70°C
Relative humidity10% to 100%

Batteries removalless than 5 minutes

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