Electric and radio controlled, the SEFIAM 1602 offers the possibility to work more efficiently, more safely and more comfortably.

An intuitive adaptation, its handling is fast and secure.

Validated in operational use. It revolutionizes the working conditions of ground crews and intensifies the operational activities.

Compatible with modern combat aircraft and drones:

> Stealth aircraft with ammunitions bays difficult to access,

> Drones with carrying points low and delicate to access,

> Aircraft with multiple carrying points and various loads.

Compatible with a confined environment

The SEFIAM 1602 is silent and does not emit gases. It becomes possible to equip aircraft with their operational loads in the shelter of a hangar.

With the SEFIAM 1602, you are therefore protected from adverse attacks, NRBC risks, but also severe climatic environments: cold, heat, rain, etc.

Versatile support equipment

The SEFIAM 1602 has an interchangeable head:

By mounting a NATO standard tray, it can perform high-precision stationing of missiles, bombs, and pods.

By mounting a head with forks, it can be used as a lift truck.

By mounting a lifting stem, the SEFIAM 1602 can be used for hoisting stores.

Usable on an aircraft carrier or helicopters carrier

The SEFIAM 1602 is a motorized stationing system that can be used on an aircraft carrier or helicopters carrier. The standards adopted for its design (architecture, radiation, etc.) have been specifically adapted for this purpose.

Its electric motorization allows it to be used safely in the hangar under the flight deck.

Offers exceptional availability

Combining the power of hydraulic with the efficiency of electrical energy, the SEFIAM 1602 offers exceptional endurance. The batteries ensure autonomy during a week of intensive use. They can be recharged in few hours, or changed in less than 5 minutes

The SEFIAM 1602 has enough recharge options to be permanently available.

Suitable for transporting ammunition from the amunitions bunkers to the parking ramp

Trailer towing is the second use of the SEFIAM 1602. Optimized for the transfer of bombs and missiles between the ammunition bunkers and the aircraft parking area, it can move a trailer loaded with 3 tons over a long distance.

This capacity can of course be used to move any service equipment on an air base (ground power units, test benches, fire extinguishers, etc.)

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