The SEFIAM1602 is a robust and reliable equipment, which can be deployed on the most demanding fields of operation.
It withstands the most abrasive conditions of use from auster locations: extreme temperatures and humidity, sandstorms, etc.
Its power supply ensures both unparalleled availability and unprecedented endurance.
Tomorrow’s operations will be characterized by their high intensity: the SEFIAM 1602 can carry out missions without downtime, better than any equipment currently in service.
Contrary to a combustion engine vehicle, it does not require preventive maintenance. The SEFIAM 1602 is always available to prepare the missions of your aircraft.

> Strong by design

The SEFIAM1602 draws on 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ground support equipment. Sefiam is the reference supplier of Dassault Aviation, for the servicing equipment of the Mirage 2000, Rafale, Alphajet, etc. All this accumulated experience has been put to good use in the design of the SEFIAM 1602.
Moreover, it is the result of regular and in-depth exchanges with the technical teams of the French Air Force, the French Navy, the DGA and industrialists, aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and munitions suppliers. Feedback from recent years has been analyzed to understand needs, study the limitations of current equipment and devise technical solutions to operational problems encountered.
Nothing was left to chance, and all potential improvements were integrated.
The SEFIAM 1602 has been designed according to the specifications resulting from this long-term work.
Its development, reliability and qualification were carried out with the assistance of Dassault Aviation technical experts.

> Warranty and service

The SEFIAM 1602 can be supplied in two ways:

  • Sale of the equipment
  • Sale of operating hours

In the first case, Turgis et Gaillard guarantees the SEFIAM 1602 and its batteries over a period to be defined with the customer. In case of need, the technical teams will support you. A similar equipment is provided as soon as possible in case of unavailability.
In the second case, Turgis et Gaillard guarantees hours of operation to the customer, and ensures the provision of SEFIAM 1602 under the conditions provided by the contract.

> Spare parts and updates

Turgis & Gaillard ensures the supply of spare parts all over the world.
The stocks constituted ensure a provision only limited by the times of routing.
Software updates can be done remotely according to the customer’s requests.

> What’s included with Sefiam 1602

Each Sefiam 1602 comes with :

  • one or two batteries, depending on the option chosen
  • its paired remote control
  • a 220 V charger
  • Instructions for use
  • Maintenance manual

> Add-ons

As an option, the Sefiam 1602 can be delivered with the following equipment

  • Box for the air transport of the batteries
  • Trailer for the transport of weapons
  • Mobile work light
  • Lifting forks
  • Jib crane
  • towing hook
  • Charger in 115V / 400V
  • 220V electrical outlet
  • Other voltage charger
  • Additional battery 10kW or 16kW
  • Pairable remote control
  • Operator training
  • Maintenance and diagnostic training
  • Warranty extensions

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